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About Us

Laider Consult is a team of highly respected experts with broad expertise across diverse business functions who are capable of providing professional services in business management.

Our advisory services provide clients with the objectivity and expertise which is needed to implement best practices in Human Resources Management, Customer Services Management, Capacity Building, Performance Management, Staff and Audit, Recruitment, Outsourcing amongst others.

At Laider Consult we understand that each organization and business is unique and that a single solution may not work across the board, therefore we develop the bespoke and unique solution which is suited to each client based on its peculiarity, needs, and exigencies. Our solution is meant to enhance organizational harmony, seamless interaction amongst component units, mitigate cost, and risk with the overall objective to increase productivity and profitability.

We also organize large scale and targeted training programs and courses for top Entrepreneurs, Directors, Business Executives, Senior Managers, Managers and Support Staff. Our training programs and workshops are based on a wide analysis of today’s business challenges and issues and the desire to enhance or equip our clients with the right and most recent information and skills to better improve their business.

Regardless of your needs, we are here to help you take effective and result-oriented decisions. You can count on our experts to guide you through the right process and structure to ensure your business growth and longevity.

We have specialized packages to suit your special needs in the following areas:

  • Administrative Management Program
  • Computer Skills Program
  • Customer Services Program
  • Financial Management Program
  • Health and Safety
  • Human Resources Management Programs
  • Leadership Programs
  • Engineering Facility/Maintenance Programs
  • People Skills Programs
  • Production Operations Program
  • Project Management
  • Sales and Marketing Program
  • School Management Program

Gains to Your Organization

Our courses will help you to:

  • identify and pursue successful ways to improve business performance
  • mould sustainable competitive edge by developing the skills, creativity and commitment of employees
  • master how to put best practices into profitable action

Gains to Your Employees

Employees who go through our courses will:

  • benefit from the practical experiences of the professionals who lead our courses alongside their sighted case studies
  • have a sense of achievement
  • experience renewed professional ambition
  • undergo desirable job satisfaction
  • have improved personal skills


We have seasoned facilitators with workable experiences, they have been in practice over the years, they understand the situation analysis and have the maximum ability to proffer solutions to improve individual performances on the job.  

Our Proposal

We hereby seek to be accredited as one of your staff training providers for purposes of adding value to your institution and employees.

We anticipate your approval and look forward to a mutual relationship and a value adding training experience with your organization.

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